About Giang


My name is Giang Pham, a freelance photographer/writer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Born in a typical Vietnamese family, I grew up with curiosity about everything around which increased day by day. With the help from my passion in photography and writing, I have been nurturing my dream of traveling around the world to explore, to learn and to share. After graduating from major of International Relations, I chose to follow photography/journalism as my career.

Photo Awards

  • Grand Prize – Green Summer Voluntary Campaign 2011
  • Best Story Photo Prize – E-Photo Contest 2012
  • FIAP honourable mention – 34th FIAP Youth Biennial 2012 – U21
  • Second Prize – School Photo Contest (organized by Sinh Vien Viet Nam Newspaper)
  • Winner – 2014 ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition
  • Third Prize – “Stories from Platforms” Contest 2014 (organized by UNESCO-CEP Vietnam)
  • Vietnamese Finalist – Photo Face-Off 2015 Season 2 (produced by History Channel and Canon)

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